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With 7 million native speakers, Armenian is the official language of the Republic of Armenia and the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. It is widely spoken by Armenian communities around the globe, and in Iran, Cyprus, Poland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria in particular. It has its own script - the alphabet and present a special interest to linguists worldide for its distinctive phonetical features within Indo-European group of languages. Armenian language has a long literary history spinning back from the beginning of the 5th century, this is  when the oldest surviving recorded manuscript of translated bible is dated. Throughout the history Armenian language has been heavily influenced having borrowed numerous words and alphabet characters from Parthian, Greek and Latin and much later from Turkish.

Are you looking for a professional Armenian translation? All kinds of language services are performed by our native Armenian translators and are supported by PoliLingua’s project managers in accordance to strict quality assurance procedures. We guarantee constant quality control and on-time prompt delivery of your Armenian translation order whether its legal translation, financial translation, or translation of  medical or technical documents, etc.

We accept different types of documents for Armenian translation:

  • legal, financial, medical or technical documents,
  • user manuals,
  • literary texts,
  • business reports and contracts,
  • software and websites, etc.

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If you need a quick and reliable translation into or from Armenian and demand the quality only professional translators can give, PoliLingua's Armenian Translation Service allows you to upload a (sample) document to obtain a fast quotation, usually within 12 hours. Please use the form for this or e-mail us.

Armenian Web Site Localization.

With a team of specialized translators, technical experts and localization professionals, PoliLingua can make an Armenian to English or English to Armenian conversion of your web site.